The Cardiff University Antimicrobial Resistance Network is a network of researchers, public health professionals and students associated with Cardiff University, who are working to understand and mitigate Antimicrobial resistance (AMR). The network exists to

  • Promote collaboration between researchers within the University in the area of AMR
  • Promote engagement between researchers and public health professionals around AMR
  • Engage students with AMR research

Current Research Areas

Working to discover new antimicrobial drugs

Cardiff researchers in the School of Biosciences are using next generation genome sequencing to identify new antimicrobial drug candidates

Developing new diagnostics

Researchers in the Schools of Engineering, Pharmacy, Medicine and Bioscience at Cardiff are working together and building upon over 30 years of experience to develop diagnostic tests that identify resistant organisms at the bedside, in order to track and treat bacterial infections more effectively

Understanding the evolution of resistant bacteria

Cardiff researchers in the Schools of Bioscience, Medicine and Pharmacy are making use of cutting edge technologies such as Next Generation Sequencing to understand how antibiotic resistance spreads at multiple levels; from within ward transmission, up to the dynamics of global epidemics of resistant strains.